If you are looking to come to the United States to work for a temporary period of time, or are looking to find a visa to transition to permanent residency, there are many temporary work visas that may be available to you.

Our firm helps businesses and individuals choose the visa that best suits their needs and will provide assistance throughout the application process.

B-1 Business Visitor

This visa is for those who want to visit the United States temporarily for a business purpose.  This can include attending a conference, participating in trainings, consulting with associates, negotiating a contract and so forth.

The B-1 visa allows an individual to temporarily visit the United States to participate in business activities.  These activities can include:

To obtain a B-1 visa an individual must show that the purpose of the trip is to participate in a business activity and that he or she plans to remain for a limited period of time.  The individual must also show sufficient funds to cover trip-related expenses.  Lastly, the individual must demonstrate that he or she has a residence abroad that he or she intends to return to at the end of the visit.  Certain B-1 visitors may need employment authorization to conduct their intended business.

Typically a person with a B-1 visa is authorized to stay in the United States for one to six months.  The person can then request an extension of an additional six months if needed.

Children and spouses of B-1 holders cannot obtain a dependent visa.  They must instead file and qualify for a B-2 (tourist) visa.