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The Costas Network Law Center, LLC (CNLC) was established in 2012 with attorney Weronika Costas, Esq. managing the legal matters of the firm and Executive Director Henry Costas managing operations and business development.

In the beginning, the firm was nothing more than a mutual aspiration shared by Weronika and Henry, motivated by their histories rooted in the immigration system.  Weronika, born in Poland, came to the United States on a J-2 visa at the age of seven, until gaining permanent status as one of 50,000 families selected from 36 million applicants in The Diversity Immigrant Program.  Henry, born in Bolivia, came to the United States on a student visa as an exchange student.  Their thorough understanding of the various trials and difficult adjustments that accompany the immigration process is informed by their own experiences.  Thus, they decided to build an organization dedicated to helping other immigrants succeed in this country.

In the early stages of development, Henry and Weronika were busy working fulltime jobs and anticipating the birth of their second child.  However, while Henry began devising a business plan piece by piece late into many evenings, Weronika started accruing the expertise needed to handle the CNLC’s future legal matters by practicing immigration law at another firm. Through their steady commitment, the gap between dream and reality began to fade, until the CNLC officially launched with their first consult from the comfort of their own living room.  Ms. Costas met with an acquaintance desperate for help after ICE apprehended their daughter.  Eager to get to work, they took the case and signed their first client.  By reopening the client’s deportation order, they were able get her released from detention, after which they utilized DACA to gain status to remain in the country to this very day.

Just seven years later, we at the CNLC now have eleven full-time employees, including: five in-house immigration attorneys and two of counsel attorneys.  In that stretch of time, we have changed offices twice just to accommodate the pace of our growth.  Immigration law remains our primary focus at the CNLC, and because of its federal nature, we regularly represent clients in all fifty states and various countries all across the globe.  With the turbulent state of affairs in immigration policy and the ever-growing restrictions being implemented, it has become more paramount than ever to find legal representation with a foundational understanding of the system that can overcome the obstacles presented by the process.  We pride ourselves for being comprised of driven individuals who treat their work with integrity and our clients with respect.  Our commitment to providing exceptional service and getting results is a key reason as to why we receive over one-thousand legal matters per year.

Our services revolve primarily around three forms of immigration law: removal defense, family immigration, and employment immigration. A description of these services will be explained in more details in other sections of this magazine.

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