Humanitarian Immigration

Find the help you need to be happy

Every immigration story is different. Some immigrants have had a harder time than others. Unfortunately, we have noticed that undocumented immigrants tend to not report crimes because they fear talking to authorities and risk being deported

They are making the ultimate sacrifice in some cases risking their mental and physical health in order to accomplish their dream.

At Costas Network Law Center, we want you to know that there are several immigration programs available that might cover your situation. No one should have to suffer in silence being a victim of a crime. We want you to have the freedom to report a crime without fear of retaliation. We will fight for your rights and make sure you get legal help, psychological help, and counseling services so you can work on curing your trauma while we work on making your dreams come true

Fortunately, the law provides many such individuals with opportunities to legalize their immigration status in the United States. Our firm has a strong understanding of these humanitarian applications and works with compassion and diligence to obtain a positive result for our clients.