Family Based Immigration

You can give your loved ones the life they deserve

If you are a US citizen or have a green card, then you are in a position to be able to offer your loved ones a better life and future. The immigration process takes time which is why you should start as soon as possible to avoid the stress that comes with being:

Every immigrant story starts with someone. If you risked it all and are now established in the US then you accomplished your american dream. Now you have the ability to petition for your family members so they too can come live and work in the United States. You can help change their lives so they don’t have to live with constant fear and hide from the law.

At Costas Network Law Center, most of our staff are immigrants, so we will fight with passion for your case from the beginning until the end.


Many individuals obtain green cards (become permanent residents) through family members. This can be done via marriage-based immigration, other family-based immigration, or through several adoption processes. Our firm is dedicated to helping families reunite by navigating each client’s case through the immigration process with diligence, compassion and efficiency.

Marriage-Based Immigration

One of the most common methods by which individuals can obtain green cards is through marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. However, this is how one of the most common forms of immigration fraud is committed, resulting in a high threshold for proving that a marriage is real, as well as a permanent bar from any future immigration benefits if an immigration official finds that the marriage was a “sham” solely for immigration purposes.

Our attorneys will prepare a well-documented marriage-based petition and/or application and will personally prepare you and your spouse for the immigration interview to obtain positive results in your case.

tion process with diligence, compassion and efficiency.

Other Family-Based Immigration

Besides being married to a U.S. citizen, a person may be eligible to obtain a green card if he or she is a child, parent or sibling of a U.S. citizen or green card holder. Each family-based category has its own waiting period. Depending on the family category and process utilized (adjustment of status or consular processing), a person may have to wait less than a year or as much as ten years to obtain permanent residence through family.

Our firm can advise you which category of family-based visa applies to you, and if more than one applies, which one will allow you to reach your goal of becoming a permanent resident faster.