Removal Defense

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Our attorneys represent clients during every stage of removal proceedings before immigration courts all over the nation, including preliminary hearings (i.e. bond hearings, motions to change venue, etc.) and merit hearings. We also represent clients with appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals. Our attorneys carefully review and analyze each case to determine whether our clients are eligible for any of the following forms of relief from removal:

Our attorneys are also experienced in reopening proceedings through Motions to Reopen for individuals who are subject to deportation or removal orders. Many individuals become subject to removal orders after they fail to appear at an immigration hearing (in absentia removal order). These individuals may reopen their proceedings if they prove that they did not receive notice of their hearing.

Others individuals, after losing their case before an immigration judge or Board of Immigration Appeals, need to reopen their case in order to apply for a form of relief that was not available to them at the time of their last hearing. However, the availability of new relief is generally not enough to reopen a case. To be successful, a Motion to Reopen must be detailed, cite relevant legal provisions, and be supported by substantial evidence. Furthermore, there are strict filing deadlines for Motions to Reopen. Late-filed motions are granted only in exceptional circumstances, by invoking an immigration court’s or a Board of Immigration Appeals’ authority to reopen cases sua sponte.

One of our firm’s strengths is writing well-crafted Motions to Reopen for our clients. Our attorneys have been successful in getting both in absentia and sua sponte Motions to Reopen granted, thereby helping many clients get their day in court