VAWA Case approved

Eduardo’s* case in immigration court had been shelved under the “administrative closure” option that was available during the Obama era, giving him a certain sense of calm. Yet, his U.S. Citizen wife used his precarious immigration status to control, degrade and threaten him. After separating from her, he was at a loss, worried every day that her threats to have him deported would ruin the life he’d built in the United States. With the help of our attorneys, he was able to self-petition for permanent residence based on the abuse he had suffered. While his I-360 was pending, we were also able to request a work permit for him so that he could work legally and obtain his driver’s license. Recently, his petition was granted and our attorneys will move to reopen his case and help him apply for a Green Card. Now he can rebuild his life with the security of knowing he can work and live legally in the community he calls home.


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