Bond Granted

When Marco* called us he was worried – his cousin had fled an abusive situation in their home country and now was detained by ICE somewhere in the southern U.S., what could he do to make sure she wasn’t sent back to her abuser? Our team sprung in to action, locating his cousin and contacting her to discuss her bond case and explore her options for relief. At first, the judge was hesitant to grant bond to someone with few obvious ties to the U.S. but granted a continuance so that a case could be built. We worked with her family to collect the most compelling details and documentation to present to the judge, showing him that her family members were respected and integral members of their community and eager to help their cousin live safely in the U.S. while she pursued her case. After we filed the supplemental memo and documents, bond was granted! Our paralegals worked with Marco to arrange the details and soon she was on a bus and headed to her cousin’s house! Now, she can seek asylum with the help of our attorneys while living safely with her family.


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