Approval of two waivers and Green Card

Anibal* has been living in the United States for over 2 decades. He is a good and hard working person with no criminal record. He has been married to a citizen for several years and they have a beautiful family together, with 3 children. *Anibal fled his country Honduras and entered the United States without documents. He was placed in immigration proceedings and ultimately given a deportation order, which initially he was unaware of. With the desire of wanting to do things right he and his wife came to consult with the attorney Costas. Attorney Costas presented what could be done for *Anibal. In addition to his wife petitioning for him, *Anibal needed 2 waivers approved prior to going to Honduras and having his interview for an immigrant visa. Attorney Costas explained that it would be a long and difficult process, and detailed each step of the process.  *Anibal and his wife trusted and hired the Costas Network and *Anibal is now a green card holder, able to work and live legally in the United States with his family.


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